Playing the Saxophone – Time to Get Over My BS

Damn, I’ve been really nervous about posting this.

I can publish articles all day. I don’t consider myself a writer. But I find it effing terrifying to post a YouTube video of me playing my horn. Because at one time, I thought I was a “real” musician. Whatever that means.

I spend more time helping musicians these days (which is awesome!), than actually playing. It’s been years since I was able to get in enough practice hours or jam with friends regularly. Now I’m remembering the old days.

But playing the sax is still so fun. Probably moreso than ever.

I was with my buddy Andrew Skotzko a couple years ago, talking about playing the sax. He egged me on to start posting covers to a YouTube channel. I was too chicken then, but it’s about time I got over my BS.

So, to try to knock off some rust, here are my first two posts to YouTube — one’s a Joshua Redman transcription of Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” and the other’s from the Chromatik Tune of the Day Collection, “Magic” by Coldplay.

I’ll continue posting tunes here via YouTube. Nothing crazy, but hopefully it’ll help keeping me going!

Hope you dig ’em.

  • Andrew Skotzko

    Sounds great, dude! Stoked to see you finally drop the shenanigans and share your gift :)

    • mattdsandler

      Gracias amigo. You were always right on this, just took some time to make it happen.