Creatives No. 2 – Fail to Succeed and More

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1. 7 Things a Record Deal Teaches You About the Music Industry (Cracked)

Spose, a young hip-hop artist, details his crash course in how the recording industry works. He doesn’t hold any punches or names. Just one person’s perspective, but it’s a great read for those looking to work with record labels, studios, and institutional entertainment companies.

2. Fail to Succeed (Auren Hoffman)

Exploring failure’s role in success.

3. Too Poor for Pop Culture (Salon)

In a world where the latest Kardashian selfie drives mass media consumption, D Watkins talks about information being class-based.

4. I left New York for LA because creativity requires the freedom to fail (The Guardian)

Moby’s take on why New York is “no longer the world’s cultural capital.”

5. Creative Machines (InfoQ)

Addressing the question of whether machines can be creative.

6. The Economics of Girl Talk (Priceonomics)

A discussion about piracy and sampling, in context with one of the world’s top artists, Girl Talk.

7. What Does Pussy Riot Mean Now? (BuzzFeed)

Pussy Riot’s unlikely journey from art-school project to international icon.

8. Slaves of the Red Carpet (Vanity Fair)

Are the top Hollywood stylists cold-eyed dealmakers, or vulnerable freelancers, dependent on the whims of designers and stars?