Chromatik Releases New “Tune of the Day” Apps for iOS

What a launch day.

I am so excited to introduce Chromatik’s new applications for iPad and iPhone.

Apple’s featured Chromatik as a Best New App, with category features in music and education. We could not ask for a better start.

Chromatik App Store

Chromatik featured as #4 best new app, #1 music, and #2 education!

Making music is easier now than ever.

Take out your phone. You will find an app to record, mix sound samples, or auto-tune your rap. Making music is not limited to the recording studio or classroom anymore. It happens all around us, every day. We are all musicians, in our own way.

But what if you want to play with tunes atop the Billboard charts? Or learn your favorite Katy Perry song? Or jam on a Stevie Wonder classic?

Enter Chromatik.

Chromatik with Guitar

The new Chromatik apps cycle around a rotating catalog, so you can play a new, free tune every day. With music for every major instrument and genre, you can practice charts, record practice sessions, and show off by sharing your performances.

Here’s the quick rundown…


Access a new Tune of the Day, every day.  As part of our rotating catalog, the sheet music is yours to play for 7 days. Recent Tune of the Day titles include pop hits such as Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lorde’s “Royals,” alongside classics like “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder.

Tune of the Day


Each tune features the best sheet music, tablature, videos, and lyrics for over 20 instruments. Learn the chart with a reference track that automagically turns pages for you. Mark up your score with Chromatik’s annotation tools on iPad. And share what you’re practicing with friends!

Totd Playing


Record your own video or audio sessions right from Chromatik. Save the full recordings to track your progress. Or share a 15 second highlight with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


From Chromatik’s early days, we looked to reshape the way musicians learn, practice, and perform.

So we developed “Chromatik for Schools and Groups.” Bands, orchestras, choirs, religious organizations, professionals and more all play music powered by Chromatik daily. Utilitarian and powerful. It fits the needs of music groups nicely.

Heck, even folks like American Idol, Bruno Mars, and more of your favorite musicians love Chromatik for Groups. Pretty great.

But we wanted to create more magic around your personal jams. Learning a new tune on guitar. Belting along with Adele on the piano. Nailing the Macklemore saxophone riff. Having fun, playing more music.

Sure, there are video sites available. Some guitar tablature applications. And Spotify or Beats Music to listen to the tracks.

But there isn’t a de facto platform you can play, record, and share your favorite tunes. There isn’t a community of like-minded musicians who collaborate around those experiences.

Chromatik hopes to be all that and more.

We think you will love this new version. The Chromatik team is ridiculously proud of it. And it’s a great stop on our path to realizing the bigger vision of Chromatik.

On a personal note — I am humbled to be working alongside the Chromatik team. We’ve had our highs and lows, and it certainly has not always been easy. It has truly been a team effort to bring you Chromatik.

So thanks to Steve Lawson, Jim McEvoy, Kelley McKinney, Corey Richardson, Gustavo Souza, Aaron Botello, Giorgio Galante, Oliver Brown, Bruce Donley, Gabriel Steiner, Alex Wand, Matthew Karnstedt, Sam Crittenden, the Chromatik Board of Directors, our investors, advisors, Chromatik musicians, and everyone else that helped us along the way.

I cannot say enough about the job everyone has done. The congrats all go to them.

Go download the new apps and tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you. Any ideas or questions are always welcome. Feel free to shoot me a note personally – matt at chromatik dot com – or hit me on Twitter @mattdsandler.

Life is short. Play more music.

And thank you for all the support.